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Zhejiang Tsinghua Flexible Electronic Technology Research Institute is a new high-end scientific research institute. It is a highland for scientific research and transformation of flexible electronic technology jointly built by Zhejiang People's Government and Tsinghua University. It is also the technical source of flexible electronic industry.

Instituteof Flexible Electronic Technology  ofTHU. ZheJiang (also known as IFET)was co-founded by Zhejiang Province and Tsinghua University. IFET was officially registered in November 2017 as ahigh-end non-profit research institution, The headquarter is located in thescenic Jiaxing Science City. the Institute focuses on flexible electronicstechnology and its applications, persists in frontier research , technicalresearch  and technology transform,aiming to develop first-class industrial research institute actively .

Among 180 full-time employees,83%  hold master’s degree and 30% getdoctors degree. There are five Chinese and foreign academicians, nine nationaland provincial high-level talents, and five municipal talents. Each year, theInstitute applies 30 national and provincial talent projects. Currently, thereare  influential talents withhigh-quality research teams.

Ever since 2017, the Institute hasachieved a number of remarkable research results in the fields of healthyindustry , aerospace industry and major industrial equipment testing. IFET hasbeen granted a number of high-end platforms.

During the thirteenth Five-Year Plan IFET hasundertaken 33 national projects and 16 provincial projects, and applied  477 patents, including 327 invention patentsand 6 PCT patents. 10 high-level academic papers have been published in topjournals in the world , such as’’ Advanced Materials’’. At thesame time the institute carry out standard research actively, lead the formulationand approval 1 group standard project .

IFETis supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and hasthe qualification to independently apply and undertake NSFC projects. Thishelps independently cultivate outstanding research talents, and at the sametime provides a platform for fundamental research on flexible electronics.

IFEThas academicians workstation and post-doctoral workstation, which can provide awidely platform for researchers.