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On September 11, a CCTV reporter visitedthe "Ice House", the training base of the national bobsled trainingteam, and paid a visit to the preparation situation. In the report, the CCTVnews is based on "The Ice House is a cohesive Technology, Winter Olympics summertraining has "mysterious" for the title of the ice house in the wordtraining system, which includes the development of our institute bobsleddigital display system.

It is understood that the ice house is asupporting facility of the National Bobsleigh Centre, mainly for the bobsledand other facilities to provide departure technology training, at present, theInstitute's testing and equipment division of a number of R & D personneland engineers in the ice house, they use technology to serve the WinterOlympics project, focusing on improving the technical indicators of the bobsledathletes when starting to slide, has become the most intimate athletes"teammates".

The fastest speed of the bobsled eventcan reach 130 km/h, which is one of the fastest events in the Winter Olympics,so each action will affect the performance of the competition.

In the bobsled digital display system,our technical developers use image and photoelectric sensors to collect keyindicators during the start and slide of the athletes, helping to improve thedetails of the athletes' movements and enhance their technical level.

The developers have divided the athlete's entire departure and sliding performance into stages, with each stage being individually timed to achieve digital and real-time monitoring of all elements of the athlete's departure and sliding process, helping to

The system helps athletes to identify deficiencies and problems in their movements, improve their control of the bobsled at each stage and thus improve their performance and achieve a scientific training effect.

In July this year, the General Administration of Sports and the Winter Sports Management Centre held a commendation meeting in Beijing for the 2020-2021 ice and snow sports season. This signifies that the work of our hospital in the past two years has been fully recognized by the state in the area of science and technology to help ice and snow sports and support the relevant national teams in their preparation for the Winter Olympics. In the future, the Institute will continue to make technological iterations to help snow and ice athletes achieve further success.