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Seminar with Huawei

On June 26, at the invitation of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Feng Xue, Dean of the Institute of Flexible Electronics Technology of THU, Zhejiang, visited Huawei's Central Research Institute. The heads of relevant departments of Huawei and staff from the institute also participated in the seminar.


During the seminar, a representative of the institute thoroughly discussed the research progress on flexible electronics technology, the institute’s development plans and the potential application fields. He specifically talked about the application of flexible electronics technology in wearable medical and health equipment, and answered technical questions raised by the participants.

Dean Zha presented an overview of Huawei and its 2012 laboratory. He exchanged views on the company's vision, global integration capabilities, cooperation ideas and Huawei's innovation model. Dean Zha proposed to establish comprehensive cooperation with the institute in three areas, including scientific research, technology research and product development. This would achieve a win-win outcome by collaborating with each other.

The seminar with Huawei was a great success. Both sides have shared opinions on the technical issues in depth. The technical team of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. is very optimistic about the application of flexible technology in the future.