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Experimental platform construction

Seven types of laboratories plus four platforms

Micro-nano processing platform, chip packaging and testing laboratory, additive manufacturing platform, chemical synthesis laboratory, organic optoelectronic materials laboratory, electrochemical sensing technology laboratory, sterile biology laboratory, reliability laboratory, environmental laboratory, optoelectronic experiment Laboratory, micro-nano scale characterization platform, laboratory integrated management office.

The four core experimental platforms cover the entire process of material synthesis, device preparation to system integration, including three major technical routes: micro-nano processing, additive manufacturing, and chip packaging.

Thousands of level clean rooms, chemical laboratories, electrical laboratories, fume hoods.

The laboratory is located in Jiaxing Science and Technology City. The laboratory consists of a 500 square meter clean room and a chemical laboratory.

The laboratory currently has equipment including: ALD atomic deposition machine, vacuum tube furnace equipment, multi-functional ultrapure water system equipment, inverted fluorescence microscope, semiconductor parameter measuring instrument, fume hood, plasma cleaning agent, etc.

It can carry out scientific research work including chemical synthesis, micro-nano manufacturing, packaging, and testing.