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Using the structural design of the flexible structure, it is possible to achieve medical-grade precision measurement of blood samples under the condition of human movement. This achievement combines optical and mechanical design based on flexible substrates, expanding the application scenarios of human skin optoelectronic devices in the biomedical field, and also  provides a reliable solution for the clinical application of human skin devices.


This technology realize medically non-invasive blood glucose measurement on the surface of human skin with medical-grade accuracy. This achievement establishes a new medical method for non-invasive blood glucose measurement using skin flexible sensing technology, and provides a new way to solve the problem of non-invasive  blood glucose continuous monitoring.


Starting from the destruction mechanism of serpentine interconnecting wires on a traditional substrate when the substrate is under tension, a tooth-shaped flexible substrate design that can release part of the substrate restraint. Through mechanical design and geometric optimization, after the foundation constraints of the "dangerous area" are reasonably released, the stretch rate and reliability of the structure are significantly improved.


Based on the reversible transformation of organic solvent molecules from swelling to crystallization, a polyurethane material that responds to organic solvent vapor has been developed, which has the advantages of easy production, low price, quick response, and deformation. In the future, it can be combined with flexible electronic technology to be applied to new flexible sensors, soft robots and other related fields.


A carbon nanofiber with high pressure sensitivity is produced by using electrospinning and high temperature carbonization equipment, and a skin pressure sensor is prepared by using its excellent mechanical and piezoresistive properties, which can detect the pulse, respiration, and joints of the human body, etc., that is a great significance to physiological health monitoring.