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BOE-Flexible Sensing and Chip Technology Joint Laboratory

Combining artificial intelligence, flexible sensing, and flexible display modules, it has been widely used in intelligent unmanned factories, service robots, and the sky, ground, and ocean fields.The next generation of flexible interactive systems will rely on flexible display, brain-computer interface and other flexible sensing technologies to achieve perfect integration with humans to free human vision and hearing.

China Flight Test Institute-Industrial Sense and Safety Assessment R&D Center

Cooperate to develop MEMS sensors to replace more complex, bulky or insensitive sensors. Accordingly, there will be four major trends in the future for the century-old MEMS market, such as emerging devices, new applications, disruptive technologies, and new designs.

China Electronics Research Institute-Flexible Electronic System R&D Center


The revolution in China's sensor electronics technology uses flexible electronic technology to provide a brand-new technology platform for the development of new products, and explores to replace traditional semiconductor products, components and circuits.

CRRC SIFANG CO.,LTD.-Joint Laboratory of Rail Transit Monitoring Technology

Develop a series of flexible equipment in the field of comprehensive monitoring of line infrastructure safety to provide technical support for railway and rail transit safety monitoring. Carried out the safety monitoring technology research and development of track, bridge, subgrade engineering, and formed a complete set of infrastructure safety monitoring products.

BAIC Group-Joint R&D Center for Vehicle Human-Computer Interaction Technology

Based on the respective advantages of both parties, we will cooperate in business areas such as intelligent human-computer interaction technology, vehicle intelligence and artificial intelligence technology, big data analysis, intelligent vehicle networking platform, marketing resources, etc., to equip vehicle with intelligent flexible sensing, flexible communication and flexible display The module realizes the interaction between vehicle and people, vehicle and vehicle, and vehicle and clouds.

Intelligent medical treatment 

Facing health care and focusing on R&D and production of flexible electronic products that can be integrated with the human body, providing new technologies for solving major chronic diseases, elderly care, health and other social issues, and providing new technologies for intelligent medical treatment, wearable medical treatment, Internet medical treatment, remote precision medical treatment, and medical Data provides advanced equipment support and solutions.

Network smart vehicle

Equipped with smart flexible sensors, flexible communication and flexible display modules for cars to realize the interaction between cars and people, cars and cars, and cars and clouds.

Software robot

By adopting a new flexible mechanism and driven by air or fluid, it has a function similar to that of a human.

AR/VR contextual interaction

Flexible display, flexible sensing and other technologies will blur the boundary between people, information and the physical world, and enhance the experience and immersion of AR/VR.

Aerospace Energy

Flexible thin-film solar cells used in aerospace vehicles

Flexible Sensors The spacesuit integrated with flexible physiological sensors can monitor the physiological status of flight crews in real time.

Consumer Electronics

Flexible displays for consumer electronics

Flexible batteries for consumer electronics functions