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  • Yuan Jiajun, deputy Secretary of the Communist Party Committee of Zhejiang, visited IFET and expressed his recognition on the progress of IFET's research development

  • IFET was awarded the fifth batch of provincial innovation demonstration bases

  • Zhang Bing, secretary of CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee ,Ao kaoquan   ,vice chairman of CPPCC Jiaxing Municipal Committee, secretary general of CPC Jiaxing Municipal ,xinghaihua , vice mayor of Jiaxing Municipal People’s Government and other municipal leaders visited IFET. Zhang Bing said that in past three years, IFET has achieved a great achievement in research, manufacturing and testing. He wished that IFET will accelerate the Zhejiang-THU cooperation and achievement transformation.

  • IFET was approved as Jiaxing Science Education Base.

  • IFET was awarded the "Advanced Group of Scientific Medical Services for Snow and Ice Projects " by the General Administration of Sport of China

  • IFET was interviewed and reported by CCTV News.

  • Mao hongfang ,vice deputy secretary of the CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee and  mayor of Jiaxing Municipal People’s Government  visited IFET, he highlighted that Institution should take the opportunity of technology development to build a platform, transform achievements and cultivate industry.

  • "Zhejiang Flexible Electronics Manufacturing Innovation Centre" founded by IFET was awarded at the provincial manufacturing quality development conference

  • NSFC's Distinguished Scientist Tour to Zhejiang and Scientific Instrument Project Achievement Exhibition was hosted by IFET in Jiaxing

  • The 2nd International Conference on Flexible Electronics was held in Hangzhou gathering near 600 world's top academic experts in flexible electronics

  • Gao xing fu, former vice provincial governor of Zhejiang visited IFET and fully affirmed the technical advantages of the Institute in the globe and its leading role in promoting development of flexible electronics technology in Zhejiang, and encouraged the Institute to maintain innovating, and strive to make high-end achievements.

  • In the "Notice on the Identification of the Tenth Batch of Jiaxing Academician Expert Workstations" issued by the Leading Group of Talent Work of the CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee, the Institute of Flexible Technology of THU.Zhejiang it was identified as a municipal-level academician expert workstation

  • The National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) has officially approved IFET as a "NSFC Supporting Unit", which means that starting from 2019, IFET has the qualification to independently apply and undertake NSFC projects.

  • The Postdoctoral Workstation Office of Zhejiang Province has agreed establishment of postdoctoral workstation at IFET, which will play a important role in the introduction and training of talents and promotion of achievement transformation.

  • The first International Conference on Flexible Electronics was held in Hangzhou, which gathered the United States, Germany and Japan.

    The world's top flexible electronic academic experts, including Sweden and South Korea, have nearly 400 people. They are a grand gathering of flexible electronic academic.

  • Joint Creation of Flexible Electronics and Intelligent Technology with Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone

    Global R&D Center Agreement.

  • Tsinghua University has established three inter-disciplinary research institutes at the University level, and Tsinghua University Flexible Electronics Technology Research Center has been established to integrate different research fields of flexible electronics within the University and lead the development of flexible electronics technology in international academic circles.

  • Feng Fei, Deputy Governor of Zhejiang Province and Youzheng, Vice-President of Tsinghua University, jointly unveiled the "Zhejiang Tsinghua Flexible Electronic Technology Research Institute" in the Great Hall of the People of Zhejiang Province.

  • Secretary Che Jun gave important instructions on "seizing the opportunity to support and accelerate the implementation of flexible electronic technology industry"; Governor Yuan Jiajun gave important instructions on "accelerating the implementation of flexible electronic technology industry".

  • With the testimony of Che Jun, then governor of Zhejiang Province, and Qiu Yong, then president of Tsinghua University, Zheng Jiwei, vice-governor of Zhejiang Province, and Youzheng, vice-president of Tsinghua University, signed the Framework Agreement on Promoting Cooperation in the Field of Flexible Electronic Technology, which opened the prelude to the development of flexible electronic technology in Zhejiang Province.

  • Feng Fei, then Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province, visited Zhejiang Zhirou Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and directed his work. He pointed out that we should vigorously develop strategic emerging industries and start to cultivate and develop flexible electronic technology industry in the mode of "one hospital, one garden and one fund".

  • Che Jun, then deputy secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and acting governor, inquired about the progress of flexible electronic projects.

  • Xia Baolong, then Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, and Li Qiang, governor of Zhejiang Province visited the Flexible Electricity Laboratory and implemented the transformation, which played an important role in promoting the transformation of the next achievements.

  • The launching meeting of the 973 project "Basic Research on Scalable Inorganic Photoelectric/Electronic Integrated Devices" was held.