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1. Alliance Introduction

&China Flexible Electronics Industry Alliance (FLEXIBLE ELECTRONIC CHNOGY INLIANCE, FETIA) is guided and supported by the Ministry of Industry and through the alliance members and industry associations. Research cooperation and overall resource advantages will accelerate the research and development of core technologies related to flexible electronic industry, such as materials, equipment, flexible electronic devices and information physical systems, and promote the standardization of core technologies and key products in China's flexible electronic industry. < br /> < br /> < strong > 2. Alliance purpose & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & strong > nbsp; < br /> br /> nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Alliance is based on flexible electronics, The transformation and upgrading of other industries will help China make 2025, and implement the national strategy of Internet + big data.

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< strong >< strong >< strong >>> &nbbsp; &nbbsp; &nbbbsp; &nbbsp; &nbbbsp Definition of flexible electronics and systems in collaboration with industry associations Traditional technology applications in biomedical, mobile terminals, automotive electronics, industrial manufacturing and robotics, consumer electronics and other fields, promote the industry to the direction of miniaturization, intellectualization, integration and integration of flexible electronic devices, interconnected communications, safety, green energy-saving. Consumer Electronics: Establish evaluation criteria for consumer electronics devices and systems together with China Electronic Chamber of Commerce and China Wearable Industry Promotion Alliance. It includes: safety evaluation of flexible electronic devices, data cloud of flexible electronic devices, stability and accuracy evaluation of flexible electronic devices, energy consumption of flexible electronic devices, etc.
2. Automotive Electronics: Develop evaluation criteria for flexible sensing electronic systems of automobiles jointly with China Automobile Industry Association, including sensing technology and system application criteria for intelligent navigation system of automobiles, unmanned driving system, active safety system, urban intelligent transportation system, etc. < br /> 3. & nbsp; Biomedical: Promote the evaluation standard of portable biomedical devices together with China Medical Device Industry Association, etc. Includes: non-invasive blood sugar measurement, exercise and recovery monitoring, sleep monitoring and other sensing technology, system application standards. To solve the problems of difficult entry, high threshold and qualification of micro-sensing technology in medical industry.
4. & nbsp; Industrial Manufacturing and Robot: Cooperate with the national "Made in China 2025" grand plan to promote industrial flexible sensor electronics technology and system application standards together with the Ministry of Machinery and China Robot Industry Alliance. Including: Embedded MCU, Embedded Flexible Micro Sensor System, Flexible Electronic Device Wireless Charging, Flexible Electronic Device Wireless Transmission Standard, Flexible Electronic Device Data Cloud and other technical application standards. < br /> < br /> < strong > 4. Alliance work content < br /> < br /> < / strong > < br /> nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & alliance member units, under the guidance and support of relevant government departments, will give full play to the advantages of production, teaching and research and overall resources, and speed up the standards of core technologies and key products in China's flexible electro Change. < br /> < br /> 1. & nbsp; the alliance organizes horizontal enterprise cooperation for manufacturing 2025, integrated circuits and IoT scale applications in China. The alliance works closely with innovation centers in various industries to accelerate the research and development of flexible electronic core technologies, including flexible electronic devices, industrial intelligence, Information Physics systems (CPS). The form of cooperative organization is mainly project topics, which include: joint research and development of new technologies (single product demand, spontaneous enterprise), enterprise topics for major applications (leading enterprise demand, entrusted to alliance members), and national strategic issues (national demand, major projects). < br /> 2. & nbsp; the alliance established expert committees to formulate technical standards for flexible electronic devices applications. The alliance has set up professional technical expert committees: flexible electronic device technical expert committees, Internet of Things dedicated communication network technology, energy acquisition and storage technology expert committees, and so on. The alliance formulates corresponding technical and application standards: flexible electrical standards for smart home, quality inspection standards for flexible electronic devices, MCU standards for flexible electrical industry, intelligent medical and nursing systems, etc. Establish the application standard of flexible electronic technology, and promote the standardized application of flexible electronic devices and intelligent systems in the fields of industry and robots, consumer electronics, automotive electronics and biomedical treatment. < br /> 3. & nbsp; the alliance organizes the evaluation and training of "Made-in-China 2025" flexible electronic senior technical personnel and the shortage of technical personnel. In cooperation with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, we will establish the professional title of flexible electronic talents, and cooperate with the Ministry of Education to promote the setting and teaching of flexible electronic courses in Colleges and universities. < br /> 4. & nbsp; alliance to build public service platform, covering hardware, software, system integration, service alliance enterprises. Introduce, invest and incubate enterprises that master the core and upstream key technologies. 5. & nbsp; carry out various market and technical consulting activities and provide industry development and technical analysis reports. Providing consulting services to alliance enterprises and formulating long-term strategic planning and industrial layout plans for China's flexible electronics-related industries. < br /> 6. & nbsp; regularly hold international professional exhibitions, technical seminars and industry summits. International cooperation, personnel training, project consultation, qualification confirmation, etc.